Four Tips On How To Reduce Wedding Planning Stress

Jan 16, 12 Four Tips On How To Reduce Wedding Planning Stress

Wedding planning can be one of the most stressful periods of your life. This article we will provide some tips on how to reduce the stress, and make this special period of your life more enjoyable.

Set Small Goals

Your main goal is to have a successful wedding day that you want to remember for the rest of your life. Then again, it is easy to get lost in all the many and various tasks that are needed to be done while achieving this goal. So our advice is to split your main goal (beautiful wedding) into smaller goals. For example – one goal is to choose and locate your wedding venue. Second goal is to choose the wedding theme . Third goal is to have a guest list ready, and send out invitations to them. And so on. Doing this will help you to be more productive, and focus on all the needed tasks that are needed to be done.

Have A Budget Ready

You should set your budget. Having a budget ready will help you not to overspend, and have a wedding within your means. Of course you can’t predict the precise costs of your wedding, and as with anything unexpected costs may occur. So our advice to you: Have a budget ready + 15% for unplanned expenses.

Visualize Your Perfect Wedding

This is simple. Each day when you wake up in the morning – spend 5 minutes to visualize your perfect wedding. This will help you to keep the perfect image of your wedding in your head, and will keep you motivated. It really works. Visualizing can be applied to any aspect of life.


Working out will help you to overcome stress. Not just wedding stress, but any stress. Not only that, it will also help you to keep in shape, and look as good as never before in your wedding day. We understand that you’ll have very little time during the wedding planning period, but try to spend 1hour/day to exercise. Be it jogging, swimming or any other physical activity. Anything will do. This help you to clear your mind, and reduce stress.

These were four tips that we provide on how to reduce wedding stress. If you have any other tips that you would like to share, please leave them in the comment section below. We encourage you.

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  1. Selga Lee /

    I would like to input – don’t get into fights with your man. This will only make everything worse, and increase the stress for both of you.


  2. It’s amazing how we can get so stressed because things aren’t falling into place or we are pressed for time. I like setting small goals, because when I look at the big picture it can get overwhelming. Great advice here…

  3. wedding for me was a amazing experience. Looking through reading this entry looking thoughts come back to this beautiful day, and envy. I’m sorry if my English is not perfect.


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